15 Women Kickstarter Creators to Watch in 2024

In honor of Women’s History Month and Kickstarter's 15th anniversary, we present 15 creators to watch.

15 Women Kickstarter Creators to Watch in 2024
Coat Hingers – Foldable Coat Hangers by Simone Giertz

Kickstarter is a platform that empowers creators of all backgrounds to share their innovative ideas with the world. It offers creative independence and financial support from an engaged community, helping entrepreneurs turn their visions into reality. In this blog post, in honor of Women’s History Month and the 15th Anniversary of Kickstarter, we present a new series called “Kickstarter 15”, where we'll showcase 15 Kickstarter creators who are making waves in their respective fields and pushing the boundaries of creativity in unique and innovative ways.

This list is in no particular order. 

#1: Kausi Raman

Meet Kausi Raman, a visionary entrepreneur and the CEO and Co-Founder of InvenTABLE. Her innovative power tool is designed to be safe for kids, while also teaching them valuable STEM skills. With InvenTABLE, anyone can easily cut through cardboard and create 3D models. In September of 2023, Raman launched her first-ever Kickstarter campaign and it was nothing short of a phenomenal success. Her project raised over $1.1 million dollars, which is more than 2,350% of her original goal, from a total of 5,049 backers. This achievement is not only impressive for a first-time creator but also a testament to the power of InvenTABLE and its potential to revolutionize the way we teach STEM skills to young minds.

#2: Abbesi Akhamie

Abbesi Akhamie, a Nigerian-American writer, director, and producer, was born in Heidelberg, Germany, and currently works between Lagos and New York City. Her work focuses on African and diaspora experiences, as well as the politics of culture and identity. Her debut short film, Still Water Runs Deep (2017), premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and won Best Student Short Film at Aspen ShortsFest. 

In November 2023, Akhamie launched "The Incredible Sensational Fiancée of Dr. Seyi Ajayi," a short film set in the whimsical hyperrealist Pan-African city of Alkebulan. The story follows Dr. Constance Moumie, a brilliant yet unrecognized scholar, who basks in her 8-year romance with her beloved Dr. Seyi Ajayi. However, her life turns into a nightmare when Princess Ada arrives in town, revealing herself as Dr. Seyi's surprise fiancée. "The Incredible Sensational Fiancée of Dr. Seyi Ajayi" takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of love, deception, and revenge as Dr. Constance brews a plan to expose her duplicitous lover during his engagement ceremony.

#3: Clare Major

Clare Major is an accomplished documentary filmmaker and cinematographer, known for her expertise in handheld observational camerawork and her ability to tell engaging stories that highlight the intersection of cultures and the lives of women and girls. With an impressive resume, her recent cinematography credits include highly acclaimed documentaries such as the Oscar-shortlisted short doc HOLDING MOSES (2022), feature-length documentaries BIRTHING JUSTICE (2023), PLAGUE AT THE GOLDEN GATE (2022), and THE ANTS AND THE GRASSHOPPER (2022), as well as the Peabody nominee and Emmy winner BELLY OF THE BEAST (2020). 

Her passion for storytelling and her commitment to exploring diverse cultures and perspectives have earned her recognition from the industry, including being named one of DOC NYC's "40 Under 40" filmmakers to watch in 2020. Major is also a Kickstarter Superbacker with 27 backings and recently launched her first campaign, OUTCRY: Alchemists of Rage, a short documentary about the transformational power of women’s rage.

#4: Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz is a multi-talented Swedish inventor and YouTuber who has amassed a community of over 2.7 million subscribers. In 2023, Giertz launched her second Kickstarter project, which quickly became a viral sensation. The product, called Coat Hingers, is a foldable coat hanger that helps save space in small apartments.

Giertz's career in product design began in 2018 with the successful launch of the Every Day Calendar. Since then, she has founded the Yetch Store, which features a diverse range of products, including jewelry, creative tools, and the world's first officially incomplete puzzle. Her ultimate goal is to run an innovation house where she can continue to solve everyday problems and inspire others to do the same.

#5: Hanna McPhee

Hanna McPhee is one of the Co-Founders of Nanu, a company that designs everyday objects to transform people's relationship with time. Their latest invention, called Arc, is an alarm clock that combines traditional and modern features. Last year, McPhee raised $163,611 from 948 backers for the Arc campaign. Nanu has completed two successful Kickstarter campaigns and continues to support the creative community through fundraising, events, and collaborations. Before starting Nanu, Hanna worked as Fellow's first employee, a coffee product design company that raised over $1.8M on Kickstarter through three campaigns. Hanna is also a member of the Creative Advisory Council, which works to enhance the Kickstarter experience for both creators and backers

#6: Celine Jeanjean

Celine Jeanjean, an 18X Kickstarter backer and first-time creator, is known for her unique and delightful fantasy novels that always feature quirky, flawed characters and heartwarming found families. Her books span various sub-genres of fantasy, such as steampunk (set in a secondary, tropical world), urban fantasy (set in Asia and London), and gothic gaslamp fantasy. With a catalogue of novels set in these fantasy worlds, Jeanjean has built a devoted community of readers, which has helped her launch her latest project, Once Upon Thyme.

#7: Anne Emilie Fosse

Anne Emilie Fosse is a former nurse who founded Knit&Note, a platform that blends her passion for creativity and care. A couple of years ago, she had trouble managing her knitting supplies, and this prompted her to search for digital tools to help her organize her knitting patterns and keep track of yarn and gauge in one place. Unfortunately, she couldn't find a suitable tool, so she decided to create one herself. As an experienced knitter, Anne understands the challenges that makers face in a world dominated by mass-produced items. That's why Knit&Note values unique, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind creations.

#8: Jenny Nordbak 

Jenny Nordbak is an author, retired dominatrix, and former archaeologist. When she isn’t writing romance novels, she cohosts the Bonkers Romance podcast and delights in narrating the steamiest of audiobooks. With her Bonkers Romance partners, Jenny has raised over $850k on Kickstarter, and she strongly believes in the future of crowdfunding for authors. Jenny recently joined the 2024 cohort of Kickstarter’s Creative Advisory Council, helping the team at Kickstarter identify issues and opportunities we may not be able to see on our own.

#9: Ti Chang

Ti Chang is a multifaceted industrial designer, activist, and conceptual artist who masterfully navigates the intersection of art and design. Her work is characterized by innovative juxtapositions that challenge and redefine aesthetic norms. Through her designs, Chang delves into themes of identity, feminism, and cultural standards, seamlessly integrating art, activism, and design to provoke thought and conversation. With over 15 years of experience as a pioneering industrial designer in the field of pleasure products, Chang has redefined the concept of luxury in intimacy products. 

As the co-founder and Chief Design Officer at CRAVE, a company at the forefront of enhancing pleasure through exquisite design and innovation, she has been instrumental in elevating the experience of pleasure products. The Vesper 2, marks the company's third successfully funded Kickstarter project. This product exemplifies Chang's commitment to blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, further establishing her as a leader in the design of luxury intimacy products.

#10: Julia Kwamya

Julia Kwamya is a triple threat. Her talents range from acting, music, and finance which gives her an expansive view on the world and various industries. The half Ghanaian, half Ugandan, American, raised funds for her first EP "Feel Good About Feeling Bad" as a creator in residence at Kickstarter in 2018. In addition to writing music and learning Shakespeare monologues, she works at Tikehau (TKO) Capital building out the US business development franchise. 

#11: Paula Lafferty

Paula Lafferty, a first-time creator and avid backer, had harbored the dream of writing a book since her childhood. Despite wrestling with self-doubt and the belief that her writing and story ideas weren't good enough, she couldn't shake off the urge to write. Her inspiration for "La Vie de Guinevere" struck during an internship in 2009, where she led Harry Potter themed tours across England and Scotland. This idea clung to her, refusing to be ignored. 

Embarking on her writing journey in 2022, Paula discovered her true calling. The process of bringing stories to life on the page reaffirmed her belief in her talent, a sentiment echoed by the masses. Her promotional video capturing the essence of her work went viral, amassing 12.6 million views by January 2023, proving the widespread interest in her narrative. With immense pride, Paula is thrilled to present "La Vie de Guinevere" to the world. Her Kickstarter campaign for the deluxe edition of the book has soared, reaching over 450% funding. This achievement not only marks the realization of a lifelong dream but also celebrates the shared enthusiasm of her supporters for this cherished story.

#12: Olivia Orchowski

Olivia Orchowski, a dedicated women’s health coach, doula, and the visionary founder of Femtek, launched the market's pioneering Menstrual Health Focused Smart Ring on Kickstarter in 2023. This innovative device is designed to empower users by providing valuable data to manage their menstrual cycle, enhance body awareness, and promote personal growth—all effortlessly during sleep.

With extensive experience supporting hundreds of women across the spectrum of health and life transitions, Olivia is passionate about restoring a connection to the natural menstrual cycle. Her mission with Femtek is to reclaim and impart cycle literacy—a crucial aspect of health knowledge that many women lose when introduced to contraceptive pills from their initial cycles. Olivia's commitment to health education and her innovative approach with Femtek aim to enlighten and transform the menstrual experience for the next generation of women.

#13: Allison O'Toole

Allison O'Toole is a comics editor and publisher based in Toronto. Most recently, she edited the Eisner Award-winning series Public Domain by Chip Zdarsky and was the co-editor and publisher of the Ignatz Award-winning anthology, Shades of Fear. Allison has collaborated on six Kickstarter-funded comics anthologies, most of them about monsters, and she was named one of Rue Morgue’s “Wicked Women to Watch.

#14: Natacha Seroussi

Natacha Seroussi, a Paris native, has always been driven by her passions for art, fashion, and nature. Her journey began as a professional horse rider and trainer, where she developed a deep-rooted ethic towards horses, leading her to explore natural horsemanship. Natacha's artistic pursuits led her to study at the prestigious Bezalel Academy and Beaux-Arts de Paris, all the while, drawing inspiration from her father's atelier, which was part of a renowned Parisian fashion house. Over time, her interests shifted towards design, and she joined her father's accessories brand, eager to infuse it with her sustainable and vegan values.

This shared vision culminated in the birth of Laflore Paris, a Parisian fashion house that embraces aesthetics and ethics. In 2019, they embarked on their first Kickstarter campaign for the versatile backpack handmade from cork fabric: bobobark, which not only established their presence but also achieved remarkable success. Today, with over 90,000 satisfied customers and a diverse collection of iconic bags, Natacha and her team at Laflore Paris continue to make waves in the fashion world. They recently launched their fifth Kickstarter campaign, further solidifying their commitment to sustainable, ethical, and stylish accessories.

#15: Jess Burgess

Jess Burgess is an award-winning producer whose passion for storytelling permeates every aspect of her life. With a rich history of collaboration with top agencies such as Vice, VaynerMedia, and Gravity Media, Jess brings her storytelling prowess to various platforms. As the co-owner of Little Animals Pictures, a Brooklyn-based production company, she continues to push the boundaries of narrative creativity. Beyond producing, Jess is a talented screenwriter and essayist, daily finding inspiration in the quirky details of life. Her most recent achievement is producing the Kickstarter-funded short film, "Rear/Naked," showcasing her ability to bring compelling stories to the screen and captivate audiences. Jess's multifaceted career highlights her exceptional skill in crafting narratives that resonate and entertain.