50 Ideas for Sending Great Project Updates

It's pretty much a given that a successful Kickstarter campaign includes a great project descriptionoutreach plan and a solid community of backers. Of equal importance are the updates that creators send their backers. Project updates don’t just appear on each project page, they’re also delivered directly to backers’ inboxes, and can be a powerful tool for engaging backers and motivating them to share a project.Think of project updates as a window into a project’s development, featuring images, video and the ongoing story of the project. (Tip: We also consider a project’s updates when choosing whether or not to feature it or make it a Project We Love.)

There’s no magic to the right number or frequency of updates; we recommend posting consistently and often, and to start brainstorming and even drafting updates before you launch. Fun fact: Creators on Kickstarter send about 6,000 updates a week. Here’s a list of fifty ideas for inspiration!

During your campaign... 

1. Highlight campaign milestones, like when you reach your goal mid-point. 
2. Share community milestones as your backer count grows to 50, 100, or 500 backers, and beyond.
3. Announce any changes you make to your campaign, such as new rewards or stretch goals

Martha Graham Dance Company Presents: The Next 90!
Martha Graham Dance Company Presents: The Next 90!

4. Celebrate when you’ve been featured as a Project We Love or in one of our newsletters. 
5. Spotlight your backer’s comments, drawings, videos, and other contributions. 
6. Introduce members of your team. 
7. Invite collaborators to write posts that introduce themselves and share how they contribute to your project. 
8. Running a Food project? Share your favorite recipe
9. Running a Publishing or Journalism project? Write a little feature on a writer that has inspired you. 
10. Running an Art or Comic project? Share samples of your artwork. 
11. Running a Fashion project? Take a new photo from your collection each day. 
12. Showcase any awards or accolades you’ve received. 
13. Countdown the final days of your campaign with a new update each day. 
14. Ask backers to share your updates to help spread the word
15. Ask for feedback on specific elements of your project or gauge interest in new designs. 
16. Announce if (and why) you decide to cancel your campaign.

Either during or after your campaign... 

17. Link to any press you’ve received or blogs that have covered you.
18. Announce events, live streams, or AMAs that you’re participating in.
19. Post any interviews that you or members of your team have done.
20. Mention all of the cool people and places represented in your Community tab.
21.  Invite backers to ~exclusive~ events.
22. Write a “how-to” post.
23. Address any FAQs that are coming up in comments or messages.
24. Introduce projects you like.
25. Post pictures of samples or proofs.
26. Give behind-the-scenes looks into your production process.
27. Invite people to play your demo.
28. Say happy holidays!
29. Share personal news/events, like the adoption of a new kitten, children’s graduations, etc.
30. Mention any global news or movements that you’re interested or involved in.
31. Tell backers about your inspirations –– whether it be a person, a quote, or an image.
32. Share the highs of your campaign, like if you receive a large pledge or land a deal with a publisher, manufacturer, or distributor.
33. Be transparent about any challenges that come up, like a bug in your code or changes to the cost of supplies.
34. Headed to a convention or meetup? Tell backers where they can find your booth.

CRISIS at GenCon
CRISIS at GenCon

 After your campaign ends...

35. Announce your overall results at the end of your campaign.
36. Celebrate! When you reach your goal! If you relaunch! Once all rewards are shipped!
37. Do a yearbook style post on your campaign’s one-year anniversary (we’ll send you an email when this date comes around).
38. Post some “live” updates while you’re out on tour or in the studio...
39. ...At the post office...
40. ...Or when checking in with your manufacturer

The Pebble team visiting their manufacturer
The Pebble team visiting their manufacturer

41. Give a sneak peek of your finished film, album, book, or product before you drop it in the mail. 
42. Do an open-call for beta testers. 
43. Remind backers about completing their surveys. 
44. Mention when you’re taking time off from your project (and when you’re back). 
45. Share a link to your new campaign if you’ve re-launched or started a new project. 
46. Explain any changes you’ve made to your Spotlight
47. Recap the results of any field testing (or in this case, taste-testing). 
48. Let backers know when there are any updates on shipping
49. Be upfront about any production issues or delays. 
50. And last but never least, don’t forget to thank your backers!

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