Announcing Our New Partnership with Serious Poulp

Now through 2026, find all Serious Poulp crowdfunding campaigns, exclusively on Kickstarter.

Announcing Our New Partnership with Serious Poulp


We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with French indie publisher and three-time Kickstarter creator Serious Poulp. Through the new partnership, all of Serious Poulp’s crowdfunding campaigns – from now through 2026 – will launch exclusively on Kickstarter. 

Bruno Sautter, CEO of Serious Poulp and one of the game's designers, said of the new partnership, "Kickstarter has revolutionized the board game industry by allowing indie publishers like us to create huge, ambitious games like The 7th Citadel, which simply couldn't be done without crowdfunding. Their team has our full confidence, and we look forward to working with them".  

"Here at Serious Poulp, we've been funding our projects on Kickstarter from the very beginning, and we've always had great experiences with the platform. Our upcoming campaign, Return to The 7th Citadel, is an incredibly ambitious game inspired by classic choose your own adventure books. Its complex, branching storyline, richly illustrated world, and high-quality components simply couldn't be achieved without the support of crowdfunding. We're excited to be working with Kickstarter once again, and for the foreseeable future!"

In 2020, Serious Poulp launched a Kickstarter campaign for 7th Citadel, a cooperative card-based exploration board game. The campaign was a huge success, captivating over 33,000 backers and raising more than $3.5 million. For its first project under our new partnership, Serious Poulp is bringing 7th Citadel back to Kickstarter on June 4, 2024, offering new, exclusive content, including an entire new adventure that promises to enrich the game’s already expansive universe.

Jon Ritter-Roderick, Head of Creator Strategy on Kickstarter’s Performance team, said of the partnership,

"For 15 years, Kickstarter has been committed to supporting independent creators and helping them bring ambitious, creative projects to life. To that end, we’re excited to deepen our relationship with Serious Poulp, a team that exemplifies the spirit of innovation and community that Kickstarter stands for. As their exclusive crowdfunding partner, we look forward to hosting all of their upcoming campaigns and are excited to be the place where their community can continue to support their next projects!”

Games is one of Kickstarter’s top categories, attracting creators of all sizes and a dedicated community of backers. In 2023, the Games category on Kickstarter experienced a 14% year-over-year growth in new projects and a 17% increase in successful projects, with 65% of all Games projects launched meeting their funding goals.

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