Making Audiobook Rewards Easier with Findaway Voices by Spotify

Crowdfund for your book with Kickstarter. Give backers their audiobook reward with Findaway Voices by Spotify.

Making Audiobook Rewards Easier with Findaway Voices by Spotify

Whether you’re creating a book or an audiobook, we know two things: You need funding to make it happen, and once it’s made, you need to reach your audience.

So, Spotify’s Findaway Voices – which helps authors publish and distribute their audiobooks globally – and Kickstarter have partnered to give the thousands of authors we support access to the tools creators need to tackle these two critical hurdles for creators.

Access to audiobook distribution services through Findaway Voices: Starting today, Kickstarter authors offering audiobooks as a backer reward can request free Spotify redemption codes once their project has been successfully funded. When your audiobook is ready, you can publish it to Spotify and major retailers and libraries through Findaway. You’ll receive as many redemption codes as you need for your backers on Kickstarter and you’ll receive another 100 complimentary redemption codes for each published title to use as you’d like in your marketing and promotions. Plus, publishing your audiobook on Spotify puts your work in front of their audience of millions of listeners and eligible premium subscribers.

Currently, there is no efficient way to distribute digital audiobook copies to backers, and directly sending MP3s is a customer-service nightmare, and any other service would require a majority of backers to download a new app to their phone. Giving your backers a way to redeem audiobook rewards through Spotify is a more seamless redemption experience for you and them.

Access to free resources and advice about how to start a successful crowdfunding campaign: Like we said, making anything requires funds. As a partner crowdfunding platform for Spotify, Kickstarter will be collaborating with Findaway Voices to create a library of case studies, tips, and resources to help Spotify’s creators understand the value of crowdfunding and how to navigate running Kickstarter campaigns of their own. 

Kickstarter is a proven funding source for everyone from indie authors to established publishers. We help them get the visibility, community, and funds they need to bring their books to life. 

Why Audiobooks Make a Great Backer Reward 

Did you know that less than 10% of published stories are turned into audiobooks? Yet, audiobooks are rapidly gaining popularity as a sought-after backer reward in Kickstarter's author community. Take a look at successful Kickstarter creators like Penny Reid ($578,098 funded, September 2023), Jillian Dodd ($40,514 funded, September 2023), and Joanna Penn (£25,771, October 2023), who all provided their engaged backer community with an exclusive audiobook reward. 

Including an audiobook reward can also add value to your campaign while encouraging backers who love to listen to books to pledge their support.

Audiobooks offer a unique way for creators to connect with their backers by creating a dynamic and immersive listening experience. By offering an audio version of your book as a part of your Kickstarter rewards, you are providing your supporters with a one-of-a-kind and engaging experience that lets them truly immerse themselves in your story.


Q: How can I distribute the audiobook redemption codes to my backers? 

A: Once your project is successfully backed on Kickstarter and you are ready to fulfill, the next step is to create a project on Findaway Voices, upload your audiobook, and distribute it. To get started, fill out the backer code submission form. Someone from Findaway Voices by Spotify will respond within 5 days with your free redemption codes.  The Findaway Voices by Spotify team is available to help at any step, email them at for assistance. 

Q: Can anyone find my audiobook once it’s on Spotify? 

A:  Yes, your audiobook will be findable on Spotify. Users can purchase it retail-al-carte it to listen, or eligible Spotify Premium subscribers in select markets can play it using their 15 listening hours a month

Q: If I take advantage of this service, would I be able to publish my audiobook on other platforms or would I have to publish exclusively on Spotify?

A: This partnership provides authors with free redemption codes for their Kickstarter backers on Spotify. You will need to select Spotify as one of your distribution platforms. You can choose where your book is published including Audible, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Chirp, Hoopla, Kobo, and many others.

Q: Will Spotify take a cut of any of my pledges?

A: Findaway Voices by Spotify will not take any cut of your pledges for providing free redemption codes. 

Q: What if my project doesn’t get successfully funded? Can I still work with Findaway Voices?

A: The redemption codes are only available for backers of successfully funded projects. If your project was not successfully funded on Kickstarter, but you're interested in tapping into Findaway's distribution services, please visit them at 

Q: For my project, I want to make more than one audiobook available to my backers. Will I receive redemption codes for each audiobook?

A: Yes, each successfully funded Kickstarter project, even ones with multiple titles, receives free redemption codes for their backers. Every title receives 100 redemption codes that can be used to distribute audiobooks to whomever you choose.