First Look: Late Pledges on Kickstarter

Now, backers have a way to support great projects, post-campaign right here on Kickstarter.

First Look: Late Pledges on Kickstarter
UPDATED 5/21: Late Pledges is now live for all creators on Kickstarter. Learn more about how to get started with Late Pledges here.

Every project that has launched on Kickstarter since 2009 is a testament to what’s possible when creators can tap into community support to bring their ideas to life. 

Today, we're excited to share a glimpse into the future of supporting creative projects on Kickstarter with a new feature we're introducing: Late Pledges.

Say Hello to Late Pledges

The end of a campaign shouldn't mean the end of support. Whether you’ve just stumbled upon a project where the funding period has already ended or you’re a creator looking to keep the momentum going, we believe the spirit of support and discovery should continue even after the campaign clock runs out.

That’s why, starting today, we’re introducing Late Pledges to a select group of creators. The Late Pledges feature allows creators who successfully meet their funding goal to continue collecting pledges after their campaign officially ends. It’s our way of keeping the door open for more support, more backers, and more success for the incredible projects that make Kickstarter what it is.

While a handful of creators are testing it out, we’ll get their feedback, explore the feature’s possibilities, refine its functionality, and ensure it’s everything our community needs it to be before we roll it out to all creators worldwide.

Check out Late Pledges in action today when you back Master of Realms by The Master Forge, Maker Pro by Magpie Tech, and Floura & Co. Tasty Prebiotic Superfiber Bars by Jeni Britton.

Why Late Pledges?

Often, backers come across projects they wish they'd known about sooner, and creators find post-campaign buzz they wish they could capitalize on. In the past, creators have turned to third-party services to do this, which means adding extra steps for the creators themselves and their backers.

Now, we’re integrating Late Pledges directly into Kickstarter, erasing the need for third-party players and embedding a streamlined process right where your community is already supporting you. This means creators can continue to offer rewards and engage with and expand their backer community effortlessly, while backers get another shot at supporting projects they believe in, post-campaign.

With Late Pledges, we're setting the stage for even more support and even bigger success stories. That's a future we can get behind.

Coming Soon to all Creators

We’ll be rolling out Late Pledges to all creators soon and we’re excited to expand the ways Kickstarter supports creators across their creative journey – not just during their funding period, but also pre-campaign and post-campaign. 

We’re laser-focused on providing creators with the essential features they need to launch their projects successfully, connect to a community that wants to support them, and, if they choose, lay the groundwork for a sustainable business.

Stay tuned. A lot more to come...

- Team Kickstarter