How Can I Report Something to Kickstarter?

We appreciate you bringing anything out of the ordinary to our attention. We’ve outlined how you can help to keep Kickstarter a safe and fun place to launch and back projects.

How Can I Report Something to Kickstarter?

Navigating the vibrant ecosystem of Kickstarter, creators and backers alike contribute to a tapestry of innovation and shared dreams. But what happens when something doesn't seem right? Whether it's a project that violates community guidelines or concerns around misconduct, knowing how to report issues is crucial for maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the platform.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the straightforward process of reporting something on Kickstarter, ensuring that your voice is heard and that the platform remains a safe and supportive environment for bringing creative projects to life. Let's dive into how you can play a part in safeguarding our community.

How Do I Report a Project?

We appreciate you bringing anything out of the ordinary to our attention. We’ve outlined how you can help to keep Kickstarter a safe and fun place to launch and back projects below.

If you need to notify us of a project that you feel is in violation of Our RulesCommunity Guidelines, or Terms of Use (you can also check our Copyright and Trademark policies), you can do so by clicking “Report this project to Kickstarter” at the bottom of the project page.

Once a member of our Trust & Safety team has reviewed your report, you should receive an email to let you know if they’ve taken any action. For reports about rewards or communication issues after a project funds, we cannot follow up on each individual report. However, in these cases we may use your report as a basis for taking action or closely monitoring the project in question. 

How Do I Report Spam Messages?

If you receive a message through Kickstarter that appears to be spam, or is outside of our Community Guidelines, please make sure to mark it as spam by clicking the “Report spam” button on the message. This helps to flag any spam messages to our Trust & Safety team for investigation.

How Do I Report Comments on a Project?

If you notice any comments on your project page that appear to be violating our Community Guidelines, are spam comments, or irrelevant to the project, please click the “Report” button on the comment and select the reason for your report. This will temporarily hide the comment from view and flag it to our Trust & Safety team. If they deem it necessary to take action, the comment will be removed by Kickstarter. If no action needs to be taken the comment will be restored and it will not be possible to report it again. The comment will now show as “Reported” on the project page.

Please note: Only creators can report comments on their project.

How Do I Report a Backer That Is Violating Community Guidelines?

If you believe a backer is violating our Community Guidelines, please feel free to report them. Our Trust & Safety team will review your report and take action if they deem it necessary.

To report a backer, head to the bottom of the project page and click "Report this project to Kickstarter". This will provide you with the option to “Report spam or abusive behavior”.

If you are the project creator, you can report a backer by clicking the “Report” button on the backer’s comment.

Can I Remove a Backer From My Project?

If any of the following applies to a backer and you’d prefer to have them removed from your project, please feel free to submit a request.

  • Abuse: Personal attacks, bigotry, or threats
  • Fraud: Insincere or suspicious backing
  • Spam: Trolling, ads, or redundant comments
  • Doxxing: Sharing of personal information

To submit a request to remove a backer, simply click on their name in the comment and you’ll see a “Remove backer” button in the modal that opens up. If you need to see more information about their pledge beforehand, you can click the “View pledge” button in the modal and on the next page there will be another “Remove backer” button. Here we’ll ask you to let our Trust & Safety team know why you wish to remove the backer and select a reason from the list above. When ready, simply click “Submit request” to send the request to our Trust & Safety team. Please note that it will only be possible to request a backers removal while your project is live.

If after reviewing your request our Trust & Safety team deems it necessary to take action, the backer will be removed from your project and they won’t be able to back it again. Both you and the backer will receive an email confirming that their pledge has been canceled and any comments left by the backer will also be removed from view.

If our team determines that the backer has not violated our Community Guidelines then they will remain as a backer and it won’t be possible to submit another request for their removal. You are welcome to refund the backer in full after your project ends successfully, doing so will also remove the backer from your project. 

Please note that it is only possible to submit a report for a specific project once. Creators will be able to report multiple comments on their project, but each comment can only be reported one time. If you’ve tried to report a project, a comment, or an abusive backer, for the first time and received an error message, please feel free to contact our Support team.