Supercharge Your Kickstarter Campaign with Jellop Ads

Creators — are you looking for a way to grow your audience and maximize the success of your Kickstarter campaign? Look no further than our new partnership with Jellop, the renowned experts in running digital ad campaigns for Kickstarter projects.

With Jellop's support, thousands of creators like you have raised nearly a billion dollars on Kickstarter. Now, we're thrilled to offer a full-service solution that combines our crowdfunding expertise with Jellop's cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Together, we'll help you get connected with new backers and take your campaign to the next level with advertising that delivers results. Don't miss this opportunity to join forces with the best in the business.

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Why Jellop?

ROI icon ROI
By combining their proprietary analytics software with their extensive Kickstarter expertise, Jellop is able to generate unparalleled returns at high volumes.

With budgets of up to tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a project, every dollar spent on advertising can result in $3 to $10 in pledges.
ROI icon Control
While Jellop provides estimates and recommendations on daily ad budget, the creator always retains the final say on any budget decision.

Jellop's analytics dashboard displays real-time ad performance, empowering creators to make informed budget decisions. As returns and margins on rewards increase and creators become more aggressive in their advertising strategy, budgets and traffic volumes can rise accordingly.
Risk-free icon No Commitment
Jellop only charges a percentage of the revenues directly attributable to their efforts, with no upfront, setup or hidden fees of any kind.

Furthermore, creators can email to end the service at any time with no further commitment.

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