Kickstarter Project Guidelines for AI-Generated Content and AI Technology

Understanding Kickstarter's Guidelines on AI in Creative Projects

Kickstarter Project Guidelines for AI-Generated Content and AI Technology

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the creative space. As creators explore the potential of AI, it's crucial to understand how these technologies can be integrated into crowdfunding efforts on platforms like Kickstarter.

While AI can enhance creativity and innovation, Kickstarter prioritizes the integrity and originality of creative works and the transparency of the processes behind them.

This blog post will guide you through Kickstarter's guidelines on using AI-generated content and developing AI technology, ensuring your project aligns with the platform’s standards and has the best chance of approval.

Projects Using AI Tools to Generate Content

For projects using AI tools to generate images, text, or other outputs, it's essential to be:

  1. Open and Honest: Disclose in your submission and on your project page:
    • What AI technology you plan to use in creating your work.
    • How you plan to incorporate the AI-produced content in your project.
  2. Original and Creative: Disclose in your submission and on your project page:
    • The extent to which your project is your original work.
    • The specific elements you will be creating using AI output.

Projects Developing AI Technology

For projects developing AI technology, tools, or software, ensure the following:

  1. Database/Source: Identify the databases and sources of content or other data that your software or tool will reference or use in connection with the technology or tool.
  2. Consent & Credit: Indicate if the host or provider of the database or source has obtained the consent of those whose works or information are included. You should also note whether the provider of the database or source material has duly attributed the works or information used in the database to their rightful owners. If the database or source provider doesn’t have processes or safeguards in place to manage consent, such as through an opt-out or opt-in mechanism, Kickstarter is unlikely to allow your project.

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General Rules and Compliance

Remember, these projects remain subject to all other rules applicable to Kickstarter projects, including those involving claims of copyright infringement.

Kickstarter's priority is to ensure that creative projects are genuine and respect intellectual property rights. By adhering to these guidelines, you can help ensure your AI-related project stands a better chance of approval.

Incorporating AI in your project can open new avenues for creativity, but it's crucial to follow Kickstarter's guidelines to ensure transparency and originality. By being open about your use of AI tools and ensuring all sources are properly credited and consented, you can create a project that aligns with Kickstarter’s values and rules.