These Witchstarter Projects Are Hex-tra Awesome

These projects left us totally spellbound during the second week of Witchstarter.

These Witchstarter Projects Are Hex-tra Awesome

Witchstarter, our first-ever open call for Magic & Divination projects, is going strong all throughout October. This week, we were totally charmed by these bewitching, brew-tiful, and occulturally significant projects. Let us know witch are your favorites by tagging us and using #witchstarter on Twitter and Instagram.

The Alleyman Podcast CD Set by Publishing Goblin

Seven Dane Asmund, aka Publishing Goblin, explores the story of the Alleyman mythos with a series of thirteen podcast episodes, seven exclusive tarot cards, and an accompanying book.

The Luminary Pendulum by Shinymind

Shinymind’s divining tool is a finely crafted brass orb that aims to harness the power of light to access your subconscious, lift your inner spirit, and illuminate the shadows of your mind.

Beautiful Macabre: Rare and Peculiar Posters, 1862-1973 by Thomas Negovan

Century Guild’s founder Thomas Negovan, a Community Advisory Council member, has launched over 65 Kickstarter campaigns. His latest project is a book of rare occult images from 1862 to 1973 sourced from the museum’s archive.

Bicycles & Broomsticks: Witchy Feminist Fantastic Stories by Microcosm Publishing

Microcosm, a small publishing house headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is set to publish the ninth volume from its Bikes in Space series, which features science fiction and fantasy stories about witches and witchcraft.

The Dark One Plush by Archon Games

The Dark One Plush from Archon Games—purveyors of dark aesthetics and fine tabletop games—features a soft cape, faux-fur mantle, fully-constructed crown, embroidered facial and horn details, and a sword for keeping the cults in line.