Need some reward ideas? Here are 96 of them.

Offering great rewards is one of the best ways to encourage support for your Kickstarter project. It's always good to offer copies of what you're making, signed prints, show tickets, and things like T-shirts or totes. But extra-imaginative rewards can help make your project all the more memorable.

Need some reward ideas? Here are 96 of them.

Offering great rewards is one of the best ways to encourage support for your Kickstarter project. It's always good to offer copies of what you're making, signed prints, show tickets, and things like T-shirts or totes. But extra-imaginative rewards can help make your project all the more memorable.

Looking for help thinking something up? Here's a start: we've created 96 fun and engaging reward possibilities. Some have happened, some we dreamt up on the fly — and all can be used as inspiration for your project.

clockwise from top left: still from "Certain Women," photograph by Stephen Shore, still from "Cousin Jules," photograph by Joel Sternfeld

1. Offer an associate producer credit like creator Emily Allen did.

2. A creative-process bike tour. Take backers on a roll past your favorite thinking spots, studios, or production facilities.

3. Flash-drive roulette. Fill flash drives with your work, outtakes, pictures, music, scripts, designs, code, or other goodies from your project. See if you can make each flash drive unique!

4. Studio visits. Invite backers into the studio to throw in some handclaps on a track (or offer a private workshop as Anne Rynefors did) — or even some backup vocals.

5. Food photography. Not everyone loves to cook, but that doesn't mean they don't love food. Make a collection of all the photos in your cookbook (plus a few bonus shots!) — it will make a great coffee table piece.

6. Script scraps. Mail out autographed pages or scenes from an actor’s on-set script.

Pop Goes the Waffle Builds A Waffle Cafe by Sara Fludd

7. Create a VIP Cafe Sneak Peek experience for backers, offering music, good food, and fun to create an immersive experience as Sara Fludd did.

8. Sourdough starter. Share some of your starter and directions on how to tend it and make delicious bread.

9. Fifteen minutes of podcast fame. Let a backer act as a co-interviewer with you.

10. Custom cases. Hand-decorate smartphone covers — that's something you can't just pick up at a kiosk!

11. Writers-room visits. Open up the writers room one morning and allow a backer to sit in on the creative process.

12. Really public art. Let backers come make public art with you, whether it's contributing to a mural or sidewalk-chalking city blocks.

13. Offer a short film print keepsake like Yugen: stop motion short film made of mexican pottery did.

14. Dinner for two. Plate up a decadent meal at your Kickstarter-funded restaurant.

15. Box set. Gather up the band’s whole discography — demos, compilations, and all.

16. Patches. The Girls in Space Club offered their patches as rewards to backers.

17. Vanity plate. Put a backer's name on yours. Real deal!

18. Keys to the kingdom. Share code keys so backers can hack away.

19. Immersive literature. Write backers into the storyline in your next piece (then, of course, send it to them).

20. Bumper stickers. Print up some super good ones.

21. Portable dinner party. Box up a great night's worth of delish, small-batch, non-perishable goods.

22. Plants. Give backers a plant from the community garden — either sent out at harvest time, or dedicated during planting season.

23. Dial-a-backer. Settle in for a 30-minute phone call and share tips on making a project happen — or just listen to a backer tell you about their day.

24. One-liners. Make screenwriting dreams come true and let backers write a couple lines of dialogue.

25. Handcrafted mugs. It's a sweet reminder of your gratitude along with every morning cup o' joe.

Ramshackle: The Animated Pilot

26. Soundtrack. Ramshackle: The Animated Pilot offered the pilots' soundtrack as a reward.

27. Drawing Notebook. Naoko Kimaura offered a notebook with her eco-friendly vegetable crayon.

28. Actual, literal shoutouts. Give a holler to backers at your next concert — bonus points if it's in their city, or being recorded.

29. Collector's edition. Do a limited-run, hand-numbered, colored-vinyl pressing of your album.

30. A secret world. Make a special expansion pack for backers only.

31. Give props. Use an item of a backer’s choice as a prop in a key scene, or let backers pick props from the film and see if you can meet their requests.

32. Kitchenware. Make popsicle trays or cookie cutters that spell out a message.

33. The first taste. Send an invite to the restaurant’s VIP soft-launch — and offer up some free treats.

34. Truth or truth. Record a three-minute video answering three questions (even better if you do it for three backers).

35. Go down in Urban Dictionary history. Make custom definitions of backers' names that will blow them out of the water.

36. Let backers be your extras. Just like they did with Veronica Mars!

2023 Year of the Rabbit Calendar

37. Motivational quotes. Jumpstart your backers' months with motivational quotes from similar to 2023 Year of the Rabbit Calendar.

38. Handwritten set list. Mail it out from a live show like a shorthand love letter.

39. First draft. Send someone a marked-up copy of your first draft — critiques, typos, and all. Welcome to the nitty-gritty of the revision process.

40. Sheet music. Share sheet music or legit tablature for a notoriously complicated song — or amp things up and offer it for the whole album.

41. Give a backer a slate from the set. Try spraying it with Krylon so that chalky memento is permanent.

42. Backstage passes. Who doesn't love backstage passes?

43. Pet names. Name a design or model after a backer's dog. (Cats, turtles, potbellied pigs, and goldfish are all acceptable substitutes.)

44. Craft portraits. Chisel/carve some version of a backer’s face into wood, rock, or whatever you're working with. Che bello!

Finishing the Glass City River Wall - a 170,000 sq ft mural

45. Name on plaque at the mural installation site. Highlight donor backers like Christina Kasper did.

46. Custom memes. Create 52 personalized memes of a backer's cat — one for every week of the year.

47. Location shouts. Reference a backer’s teeny-tiny hometown in your next story — make sure to do your research!

48. Private reel. Send a top-secret email with a special reel of outtakes.

49. Fake friends. Draw colorful imaginary friends to keep your backers company.

50. 8-bit avatars. Make custom images for your backers.

51. Wardrobe. Ship out one of your actors’ costumes, or let backers take their pick of what's available.

52. Refrigerator art. Keep it simple and send out some cool and custom ‘thank you’ fridge magnets.

Kangaroo Cravings: A Reading Game Kids Actually Want To Play

53. Get your grub on. Throw a Zoom pizza celebration party! Kangaroo Cravings: A Reading Game Kids Actually Want To Play offered this reward to favorite 'roos!

54. 3D secrets. If anyone wants to read the secret messages in the album liners, they'll need a sweet pair of 3D glasses done up with your amazing art…

55. A sushi map. SUSHI CATs Assemble! Play & Learn Sushi Manners created a map to show the most famous sushi all around Japan.

56. Wearable art. Custom paint some canvas shoes or a denim coat.

57. Make like Cesar: create a personalized art video for your backers.

58. Cookies anyone? Coping Cookies: Cookies for a Cause! designed a cookie lesson for their backers.

59. Headwear. Make cool beanies (emblazoned with even cooler messages).

Writer Emergency Pack XL

60. Creator John August offered donation packs of his Writer Emergency Pack XL for the project's youth writing partners.

61. Photographs. Show Me The Way To Go To Home created photo cards from their photobook project.

62. Accessories. Use fabric scraps from the dresses you're making to create some cool, coordinated bow ties.

63. Q&A. Do an exclusive interview with a blogger, writer, or journalist that they can publish.

64. Share your style. Offer backers a personal style consult and closet clean-up.

65. Free beats. Surrender one of the beats you didn’t use for the album. Bet you can’t wait to hear what backers do with it!

66. Spiff up the dining table. Monogram or embroider cloth napkins and make a backer's next dinner party all the more lovely.

67. Handwritten postcards — sent from rest stops on tour.

68. Virtual Yoga/Movement Class. Brigette Dunn Korpela designed a virtual class for backers.

Lake Taco: Moving Into a New Space in Downtown Hood River

69. Mexican food cooking class. Backers learned how to make Mexican coffee, sweet tamales, and more with the creators of Lake Taco.

70. Cool calendars. Make one calendar that highlights a holiday every single day.

71. The where-it-happened pub crawl. Stumble through the watering holes where your big ideas take off. Backers pay for their drinks; you provide witty commentary and copious bar snacks.

72. Craft supplies. Customize some quilt squares for your backers to use.

73. Host a private in-studio children's event for youth-focused projects like the creator of The Very Airy Library | Season 2 did.

74. Join the cast. Photoshop a backer's pet into a cast photo, frame it, and send it off.

75. Backer map. Make a map of backer locations into a commemorative scroll, puzzle, or poster.

76. Bring a backer into the spotlight. Wear a T-shirt with a face on it during a photoshoot, interview, or premiere.

77. Hang out! Let a backer come spend one day on set.

78. Custom knits. Make something unique that backers can't get anywhere else.

79. Turn someone’s favorite meal into a menu item. Peanut butter and pickle sandwich, anyone?

80. Scavenger hunt. Organize one for backers in your city. Find rewards, meet the creators, and party at the end!

81. Sing to your backers - curbside. Katie Dahl offered curbside songs at backers' homes or videos.

82. Follow everyone on Twitter. Of course.

83. Personal origami folding. Nat Mesnard handcrafted custom origami pieces for their backers.

84. Accessories. Bedazzle some glasses frames so backers can look extra snazzy.

85. Hop on the track. Incorporate a backer's 10-second sound sample into a song.

86. Let backers personalize your idea — make an engraved version or stamp on some custom messages.

The Long Goodbye Live: A Rock Opera in Memphis, TN

87. Set up a Virtual VIP performance. Emily Rooker created "There in Spirit" rewards for more opportunities to connect with backers.

88. Make guitar picks a little more personal. Etch backers' names into a set of their wooden guitar picks.

89. Record a cover song of a backer's choosing — and send them the only copy.

90. Original blueprints or sketches. (Keep digital versions for yourself if you need them.)

91. Readymade picnic. Pack a basket with your homemade deliciousness and a list of excellent picnic spots.

92. Spa day. Have backers join you for one — complete with fancy juices and mani-pedis.

93. Dedicate the whole book to a backer. Yep, the whole book!

94. Something from the archives. Share your obscure and much-coveted short film (or demo tape) from the early days.

95. Do a limited-run poster or print — your unique art will live on!

96. Interior decorating. Make a backer's fridge into some art (for local homeowners or appliance owners only).

Want some more tips on thinking up great rewards? Visit our Creator Handbook and go explore other projects — you'll find some pretty unique ideas.