We've Just Released a Suite of New Tools to Help Creators Market Their Projects

Now available: Meta Pixel, updated Google Analytics, search functionality for pre-launch projects, and custom referral tags.

We've Just Released a Suite of New Tools to Help Creators Market Their Projects

Hello from Kickstarter’s product team! As a part of our commitment to build better tools for our creators to find the backers who will love their projects, we’ve launched several new features that we’re excited to finally share.

Creators put their blood, sweat, and tears into making their campaigns, but it's becoming ever more challenging to find ways to get them in front of the right backers. So it makes sense our community has been asking for new tools that can help creators market their projects more effectively. The features we’re rolling out today are aimed at doing just that.

Marketing Integrations

Marketing integrations like Meta Pixel and Google Analytics allow creators to track how backers are getting to their project and to advertise to similar folks via the integration’s respective channels (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc). These insights and ability to advertise to similar types of backers can make a huge difference for how much funding a creator’s project can generate. In a recent survey, 60% of Kickstarter creators said they wanted support for these types of tools.

For creators who are already using these paid marketing tools to boost their campaigns, our latest updates will make the process more straightforward. For those who have never used paid advertising—particularly creators with less audience reach—these tools will make it easy to get started.

Marketing integrations view in Project Build
Marketing integrations view in Creator Dashboard

Meta Pixel

Few features have been as hotly requested as the Meta Pixel, so we’re particularly excited to roll out this new feature to allow creators to make more informed decisions about their ad spend before and during their campaign.

The Meta Pixel will be available on pre-launch, project, rewards, and thank you pages. Using this integration will allow creators to reach potential backers outside the Kickstarter platform, especially through Meta's advertising network.

Updated Google Analytics

We have updated our Google Analytics integration to be Google Analytics 4 (GA4) compatible (in addition to Universal Analytics). We’ve also added this integration to project pre-launch pages. GA4 has a few great benefits including counting multiple conversions per session as well as adding the ability to track and adjust attribution up to seven days post conversion. In addition to increased functionality we wanted to get ahead of Google’s move to depreciate UA in June of 2023.

For now, Meta Pixel and Google Analytics are integrated in our website, but not yet in our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Search Functionality for Pre-Launch Pages

In addition to our work on marketing integrations, we’ve updated pre-launch pages so that they will now show up in Kickstarter’s search. We know that one of the most important tools to a successful launch is keying up as many people to back a project the moment it launches with a pre-launch page. But until now, traffic to pre-launch pages has relied solely on creators sharing their page directly with their community.

Now, when backers use our search functionality to find projects they want to support, pre-launch pages will show up among the results. Potential backers will be able to more easily browse upcoming projects and choose to be notified when they launch.

Pre-launch project pages now show up in Kickstarter search

Custom Referral Tags Available Before Launch

As part of this release of new features, we have also added the ability for creators to add custom referral tags to projects before they launch. This makes it possible to generate unique, trackable links for marketing initiatives outside of Kickstarter. Creators can access this functionality via the Promotions section when building a project.

Creators can now add custom referral tags to projects before they launch

These improvements — Meta Pixel, GA4 integration, pre-launch pages in search, and custom referral tags — make it easier and more effective to connect potential backers with projects they'll love!