Social Media Strategies to Boost your Kickstarter Campaign

Step into the world of viral content and engage audiences with our comprehensive strategy for social media marketing success.

Social Media Strategies to Boost your Kickstarter Campaign

Social media is undoubtedly the most popular organic marketing channel, and for a good reason. Setting up ads requires a deep understanding of performance marketing and email marketing involves onboarding some sort of a newsletter tool. However, promoting your campaign organically through your personal social account or signing up for a new one for your business only takes a few minutes. 

What is "Organic Social Media"? Organic social media is any social media activity that doesn't involve paid promotion, such as advertisements or sponsored posts. It can include posts, photos, videos, and stories shared by individuals or businesses without paying for advertising. Organic social media relies on free tools to build and engage with an online following. 

A strong social media presence and strategy can help creators and brands increase awareness of their projects, connect with backers, gain followers, and drive support for their campaigns. So let's explore how to create a robust social media marketing strategy to attract and engage backers for your creative project. 

The Benefits of Social Media for Creative Projects

When promoting your creative project, one of the biggest challenges is generating enough interest. This is where social media plays a crucial role. 

#1 Reach wider audiences

If you're just starting your creative journey, you may only have a small group of people who have shown interest. That's totally normal, but you need to expand that group. Using social media, you can reach much wider audiences and hopefully spark interest with more people. You're not restricted to your personal network and your parents' friends on Facebook.

Billions of people use social media to find content that interests them, so you want to create posts that catch their attention and draw them in. Once you do, you can rally support from more backers.

Ask yourself, "Would I stop to view this post while scrolling on Instagram?". Thinking like a consumer allows you to play an objective role and create content that will appeal to the masses.

#2 Build a community

According to one survey, 43% of customers use social media to find products and services. Therefore, you miss out on opportunities if you don't post frequently on social media. 

Your social media posts help backers get to know your brand. From there, you start to develop trust and loyalty. You can even engage directly with your audience through comments and other interactions on your posts.

#3 Educate potential customers

If you've got a unique product or service, you may need to explain exactly how it works and why people should care. There are tons of other projects out there—show everyone how yours is special.

Remember, social media users typically aren't the most patient bunch, to put it politely. You only have three seconds to catch people’s attention before they doom-scroll right on past your post. So, make sure your content is eye-catching and intriguing at first glance so users stick around. 

#4 Drive traffic to your website

After you capture the attention of more backers, it’s time to direct them to your website or another landing page. If you're still trying to raise funding, direct interested potential backers toward your fundraising page. In best case scenario, they'll contribute to your project. 

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How To Craft Your Strategy

Don't jump right into creating your campaign posts. First, you need a great strategy. The right social media management strategy will help you maximize your campaign. 

Choosing the right platforms

It's difficult to decide where to begin among Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok. Even if you start, what kind of post should you create? A carousel, story, video, or image?

You need to sort through all these options and pick the best one for your campaign. The right platform and format for the post will depend on your target audience. 

Think about where your community spends the most time. Are they comic fanatics staying plugged in on X? Are they fashion lovers spending on TikTok?

Plan your content strategy

There are tons of different types of content on social media, including videos, images, text posts, and user-generated content in many different styles and structures. It's your job to decide which content will work best for your campaign and how often you'll post. 

Post content regularly to show you're active and engaged, but avoid overwhelming your audience. 

46% of brands post at least once a day, but two to three times per week is a good baseline.

Explore some social media marketing campaign examples for projects similar to yours to get inspired. But don't steal content—that's a great way to ruin your campaign.

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How To Engage and Grow Your Audience

Social media are great for connecting with people and building an audience. But it's not a one-way street—open a dialogue and use social media to interact with people interested in your project. 

Build relationships through engagement

Likes, comments, and shares are the lifeblood of any social media campaign. So respond to their comments. Like user-generated posts related to your project. Follow other creators and engage with them, too. 

Every time you like a user's comment or reply to their comment, you're potentially building lasting relationships and increasing interest in your project. People who interact with you on social media feel more connected to your project. The stronger that connection, the more likely they are to contribute funds and help bring your creative project to life

Pro tip: Replying to comments or adding a caption that asks a question can help boost your post's visibility. This can trick the algorithm into showing your post to more people because it recognizes that it's engaging to others.

Create engaging video content

If you're a frequent social media user, you've probably noticed the heavy investment in video content across platforms like Instagram and Facebook with Reels, YouTube with Shorts, and TikTok being TikTok.

There's a good reason for this trend - video content is a powerful way to reach people who don't already follow you. Engaging videos can significantly increase your reach and support for your campaigns.

Creating video content may seem challenging, but with some quick tips, it can be easily achieved. There are now many apps that make it simple to upload video clips and handle all the editing - CapCut comes to mind. These apps allow you to create professional-quality video content without any hassle. The most effective video content is usually under 15 seconds, so it's important to keep it short and attention-grabbing. However, if 15 seconds is too brief, aim for a duration under 30 seconds.

When in doubt, repurpose your campaign page video into a video for social.

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Leverage the Snowball Effect For Your Project

Most successful projects build a snowball effect, winning over friends and early supporters who then share the idea with their networks and signal their support to the wider Kickstarter community. The same idea applies to promoting your project on social channels. Over time, each interested person helps spread the word, growing your audience. 

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