What is Micro Game May?

A deep dive into the secret world of the creator who started “Micro Game May”

What is Micro Game May?

Micro games have seen a significant surge in popularity over the years. From Button Shy's wallet games to Gamelyn Games' Tiny Epic series and even games packaged in tin mints, these compact yet engaging experiences have captivated the gaming world. Personally, I never leave home without a game from the Japanese company Oink Games, with Deep Sea Adventure being my all-time favorite.

This May, the micro game phenomenon is set to reach new heights with over a dozen exciting new titles launching, all thanks to the initiative of 5X Kickstarter Creator, Ben Downton, from Prometheus Game Labs. One of the standout entries is his own creation, Micro Midgard, which promises to be a hit among enthusiasts.

New to Micro Game May? Let us introduce you!

The Journey of Ben Downton

“I was first inspired to make a micro game with Micro Dojo, where I wanted to try and fit a full game experience with a lot of replayability into an envelope,” explained Downton. “It was a great way to launch my first game and learn everything about crowdfunding, production, logistics, etc., without investing all of the time and money (and costly mistakes) of a big box game. 

Micro Dojo was so popular I decided to continue making more micro games!”

Downton’s passion for micro games extends beyond just creating them. Recognizing the potential these games have for new creators, he established a dedicated Facebook group to share his knowledge and experiences. 

“I think micro games are a really good way for new creators to get into creating (and crowdfunding) board games, so that’s what inspired me to start Micro Game May to try and help new creators bring their games to life and share my experience. Micro games are also a great way to start building an audience, as low-cost games are a much easier pickup for new backers.”

The Impact of Micro Game May

Micro Games offer the tabletop gaming world a unique blend of affordability and accessibility, making them an ideal entry point for both creators and backers. For creators, this have the potential for lower production costs and allows you to get your toes wet in the world of crowdfunding with that great idea that you are sitting on. For backers, the lower price points make it easier to support multiple projects, fostering a diverse and vibrant community of gamers. 

With over a dozen micro games set to launch, this month promises a plethora of new and exciting titles for gamers to explore. Each game brings its own unique flavor and style, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From strategic challenges to quick and fun experiences, these micro games pack a punch despite their small size.

Be sure to check out all of the amazing micro games launching this month! I for one am excited to add these to my collection!