We 🖤 These Witchstarter Projects

We rounded up some the most magical projects that creators launched during the first week of our Witchstarter open call.

We 🖤 These Witchstarter Projects

Throughout October, we're hosting Witchstarter, our first-ever open call for Magic & Divination projects. It's been so much fun to see all of the wonderfully witchy projects that creators have launched on Kickstarter this past week—from innovative oracle decks to spooky plush toys to a series of books analyzing classic horror movies. Here are some projects we think you'll like and might want to consider backing.

Koriko: A Magical Year by Jack Harrison

In this one-player, tarot-driven story game by game designer Jack Harrison, simple rules and writing prompts are combined to produce the story of a teenage witch spending a year away from home in an unfamiliar city, Koriko.

Hell of a Story by Alex Konstad & Obliskura

The veil between dimensions thin out and the creatures from beyond slowly find their way to our world in this book by Alex Konstad, author of Obliskura.

Super Natural History by Charming Disaster

Formed in 2012 by Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris, Brooklyn-based musical duo Charming Disaster is concocting a 60-card oracle deck inspired by the pair’s music, which they’re honoring by releasing a new album, Super Natural History.

Locke the Mothman Plush by Stefanie Black

A member of our Community Advisory Council, Stefanie Black returns to Kickstarter with Locke the Mothman Plush, a curious creature with luminous red eyes and mysterious dark features who hopes humans will one day accept him and his love for humankind.

Leaf by Tim Eisner

In this poetic game by board game designer Tim Eisner, players guide leaves to the forest floor and connect them to the ones that have already fallen.

DieDieBooks by DieDieMedia

DieDieMedia is publishing a slate of books written by authors bringing their own idiosyncratic worldview and approach to the material—in this case, horror movies. The small press’s initial run will feature books on Poltergeist (1982), Threads (1984), The Wolfman (1941), Sleepaway Camp (1983), and The Love Witch (2016).

When the Hare Winks by Chani Petro

Beautifully illustrated rotting rabbit heads, cursed demon-trees, zombie lovers, and killer witches adorn Chani Petro’s collection of grisly, graphic fables, When the Hare Winks.

I Am Hexed: Volume 1 by Kirsten Thompson

Rocketship, a publisher that works with webcomics creators to create unique print editions of their work, is producing the collected first volume of all four issues of Kirsten Thompson's original comic about the political struggles of modern-day witches.