6 Ways to Discover More Projects You Love

A Guide to Navigating Kickstarter’s Multiverse of Amazing Creative Ideas

6 Ways to Discover More Projects You Love
Illustration by Kickstarter Creator, Alisha Wilkerson

In the ever-expanding world of Kickstarter, uncovering hidden gems can be quite the journey. With a plethora of projects spanning every category you can think of, from art to technology to culinary delights, there’s always something new to discover and, hopefully, back with your dollars. While all this promise can be exciting, it can also leave you not knowing where to start, so let us simplify it for you. 

Here are some cool ways you can unearth your very own gold mine of exciting and innovative projects:

1. Introducing our Streamlined Discovery Experience

Starting today, you can take advantage of new features that make it easier to discover and engage with projects you’ll love. 

Streamlined Navigation

We’ve redesigned our top navigation bar for a seamless journey. Every category and subcategory will be just a hover away, making it a breeze to explore the diverse projects that make Kickstarter unique. 

Informative and Dynamic Project Snapshots

Our redesigned project cards bring clarity at first glance. You can instantly identify if a project is live, completed, or upcoming, in addition to diving into the creator's story with video previews directly on the cards. 

2. Newsletters

Subscribing to our newsletters is your gateway to the forefront of innovation and creativity on Kickstarter. Experience a curated selection of campaigns through "Projects We Love," where our team showcases their top picks. Don't miss out on the urgency and excitement of "Ending Soon," which highlights projects approaching their funding deadlines. With "New & Trending," dive into a diverse mix of the latest buzzworthy projects. Ensure you're always in the loop with the most captivating projects across a broad spectrum of interests

3. Follow your Favorite Creators

Following your favorite creators on Kickstarter is a great way to stay up-to-date with their latest projects and discover other like-minded creators. By clicking on the "Follow" button on their profile page, you will receive automatic notifications whenever they launch a new campaign. This is a wonderful way to show your support and stay connected with a community of creative individuals who share your passion for innovation.

4. Find your Niche

Use our advanced search and get crafty with your queries to find that special corner of the interwebs that you think only lives in your head. Looking for an upcoming bacon-themed project in your area? There’s a search for that. 

Learn more about how it works here.

5. Get Notified

If you're a fan of a particular creator and they're about to launch a new project, you can get notified as soon as it goes live. Just click the "Notify Me on Launch" button on their Pre-Launch Page and you'll get a heads-up when the campaign starts. It's a great way to get in early and snag some sweet early-bird rewards before anyone else.

6. Peruse your Recommendations

Envision the recommendations page as your personalized portal to creative endeavors on Kickstarter, meticulously curated to match your tastes and interests derived from your previous backing and browsing history. It's akin to having an expert virtual curator at your side, navigating you through the boundless creativity of Kickstarter's expansive universe, ensuring every suggestion resonates with your unique preferences.

7. Stay Connected

Stay in touch with the Kickstarter community over on Instagram, Threads, X, and Facebook. Follow along for regular updates, project highlights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of creators in action.

Navigating the multiverse of Kickstarter's vibrant ecosystem is like embarking on a journey through countless dimensions, each brimming with unique wonders and boundless creativity. Whether you're perusing recommendations, following creators, or tinkering with advanced search options, we’ve got a whole host of projects for you to discover and support across the creative cosmos.