Community Advisory Council: March 2024 Recap

A glimpse into our bi-monthly Community Advisory Council roundtables, as they partner with us to make Kickstarter the best it can be.

Community Advisory Council: March 2024 Recap

Hello, I’m Courtney Brown Warren, the VP of Brand Marketing at Kickstarter. My journey at Kickstarter began with a mission: to reshape and invigorate our brand strategy for 2024, forging deeper connections between our vibrant community of creators and backers.

From day one, my approach was rooted in understanding our community. I immersed myself in the diverse perspectives and needs of our community, gathering insights directly from the voices that matter most. This deep dive formed the foundation of our discussions at the recent Community Advisory Council meeting, where I had the privilege of sharing how I am steering our brand's future direction.

I shared some compelling data that highlights the community's core values – specifically as it relates to how backers feel about supporting creators:

89% are eager to uplift small or indie creators.

84% are driven by a desire to contribute to a creator's success.

80% value supporting diversity in thought and creative expression.

This data reinforces backer’s desire for a meaningful connection with creators.

During the meeting, I outlined our vision to celebrate Kickstarter's 15th anniversary by amplifying the innovation and creativity that have marked our journey so far. The council's feedback was invaluable, offering fresh perspectives on how we can leverage our community's power to narrate our story and underscore our global influence.

We began our celebration of 15 years with a dinner attended by creators and backers, a workshop on making a living as an artist with The Creative Independent, and a street festival celebration in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn—which is where our founders were when Kickstarter launched in 2009. Continuing the momentum, we launched a brand campaign that will run throughout the rest of the year. 

It's astounding to think about the impact Kickstarter has had over the years—sparking cultural movements and nurturing global creativity. As we look forward, we are driven to ignite the next wave of creative projects and inspire a new generation of creators and backers to join our platform.

I am profoundly grateful for the Council's insightful feedback and their commitment to enriching our community. Their contributions are shaping a promising future for Kickstarter, as we continue to bring creative projects to life and support the dreams of creators and innovators worldwide.