In the depths of Somerset House, an arts center on the banks of the River Thames in England, resides a hive of maker activity. Since 2013, Makerversity has provided the local community with co-working spaces, workshops featuring state-of-the-art machinery and tools, and even a podcast and film studio. In the process, Makerversity has become one of the central hubs for the creators who shape the future of design and technology in the UK (including many who brought their ideas to life on Kickstarter).

So it makes perfect sense that Kickstarter is collaborating with Makerversity on a brand new residency for 2023. Kicking off in April, the residency will run for six months and will support three individuals or teams to prototype and launch their Kickstarter campaigns. Applications are open until March 1, 2023. You can find out more about the residency and submit your application on the Makerversity website.

Each successful applicant will receive:
* £800 at the start of the residency
* 24/7 access to Makerversity’s facilities & community, including free workshop training
* 3 mentoring sessions by the Kickstarter team to support your campaign
* Free working lunches with accountants, IP specialists, and HR/employment law experts

To get a sense of the wide array of innovation that was developed at Makerveristy and launched on Kickstarter, check out these trailblazers:


BeeLine - smart navigation for bicycles, made simple by Mark Jenner & Tom  Putnam — Kickstarter

BeeLine makes stripped-back, intuitive, navigation devices for bicycles, designed to put people back in control of their journey. The BeeLine team have launched three of their products on Kickstarter, including a model for motorbikes.


FormBox by Mayku is a desktop vacuum former that makers can use to create simple forms from everyday items such as potatoes and plasticine. It can also be used to create more complex forms when combined with tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines.


A minimal, machined, solid metal stash for your vital details and emergency cash. Designed in London. Made in the UK.

Wingback makes everyday items the right way, using exceptional materials and attention to detail for those little things in life. They’ve launched 10 campaigns through Kickstarter, including The Key Cache—a solid metal stash that you can use to store your vital details and emergency cash.

Beasts of Balance

A unique blend of hardware and augmented reality game, Beasts of Balance was founded at Makerversity by Sensible Object. It’s a dexterity game with a difference: players cooperate to build a tower of animals on their tabletop, then help them evolve via smartphone or tablet.

Bento Lab

Bento Lab is a DNA lab that you can take anywhere. Get hands-on with genetics straight away.

Bento Lab is a DNA analysis laboratory that you can take anywhere. It allows you to take a biological sample, extract its DNA, and conduct a simple genetic analysis. Bento has grown into a small biotech company that’s remained independent and mission-driven, thanks in part to its first project’s Kickstarter backers.

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