Kickstarter and PledgeManager

From backer rewards management to robust regional tax functionality, PledgeManager has what you need to fulfill your project with ease.

PledgeManager by Kicktraq:
Your Ultimate Post-Campaign Fulfillment Tool

Your Kickstarter campaign may have ended, but the real work is just beginning. From backer rewards management to shipping and logistics features to robust regional tax functionality, PledgeManager by Kicktraq has what you need to fulfill your crowdfunding project with ease.

PledgeManager integrates with Kickstarter to help creators efficiently communicate with backers, offer pledge upgrades and add-ons, and manage shipping and fulfillment all in one place.

It’s got everything Kickstarter creators need to make the post-campaign experience seamless and streamlined.

Kickstarter + PledgeManager

Kickstarter is dedicated to supporting creators at every stage of their journey. That's why we've teamed up with PledgeManager to offer you access to special features including:

best pricing icon The Best Pricing Available
Get access to exclusive rates that are lower than PledgeManager's already competitive pricing. A simple flat rate means no per-backer fee and no fees on funds raised during your Kickstarter campaign.

You may even qualify for an extra discount depending on your project configuration and backer count. Contact us for details.
Messaging Feature icon Backer Surveys Sent from Kickstarter
Backer surveys from third-party providers can be confusing and disrupt the flow of your campaign.

With our seamless messaging solution, survey emails and reminders come from Kickstarter, providing a consistent look and feel that reinforces your campaign's credibility. (It works with AppleID backers too!)
white glove service icon Comprehensive Set-Up and Support
You don't have to be an expert at configuring a complex logistics tool in order to perfectly support your backers.

PledgeManager will happily handle all the heavy lifting, freeing you up to focus on the fun stuff — bringing your creative vision to life. (Or if you’d prefer to manage set-up yourself, take advantage of a wide range of customizable settings to make it your own.)

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Why You’ll Love PledgeManager

This partnership lets you manage all your fulfillment data in one place.

Post-campaign pledges
Continue to accept pledges even after your campaign ends — and offer add-on rewards to your original backers, giving them the opportunity to support your vision even further.
custion shipping option icon Custom shipping options
Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. Choose precisely how you want your rewards to be shipped and charge the exact right amount every time.
global tax collection icon Global tax collection
Take the hassle out of tax collection with an automated solution that charges backers based on their location and the types of rewards they're receiving.
backer support icon Free support for your backers
Let PledgeManager’s dedicated experts support your backers throughout their journey and ensure they receive quick and useful answers to any questions they may have.
dynamic content icon Dynamic content
Provide your backers with a personalized experience by displaying only the information that's relevant to them based on their location or transaction stage.
sexclusive retailer pricing icon Retailer pricing and exclusive offers
Set custom pricing tiers for bulk orders and offer special discounts to early supporters.

Is PledgeManager Right for Your Project?

Typically, PledgeManager is a great fit for projects that meet the following criteria:

  • You’re collecting taxes or managing shipping
  • Your rewards come in various colors, sizes, formats, etc.
  • Your project has > 600 backers
  • Your project raised > $60k
  • You're using Jellop for digital marketing

Success with PledgeManager

The team at PledgeManager and I have worked together on my last ten projects and they have been amazing! I tried a different service with my first game and was left disappointed, that is when I found Mel and Adam. It was a smashing success from the very beginning. They are responsive, capable, and overall extremely pleasant to work with. I never have any doubt that no matter what I throw at them, they can help me find a solution. Five stars, would recommend!
–James Hudson, Druid City Games

Using PledgeManager lifted a huge weight from my shoulders and took a lot of stress off of backer and order management that I was struggling with on my own. They were very friendly and always thorough, saved me tons of time and energy by handling a lot of back-end management themselves, and made it easy to keep all the orders extremely organized. As a creator, it's an integral part of using Kickstarter for me now.

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