Project Update #4: New Tools for Building Your Audience & Fulfilling Your Campaign's Rewards

This year, Kickstarter is taking steps towards offering new services that will better support creators throughout their entire journey.

Project Update #4: New Tools for Building Your Audience & Fulfilling Your Campaign's Rewards

Hey everyone! We're back with another Kickstarter Project Updates video. This is our series where we share the journey of how we’re building Kickstarter.

For my first update of 2023, I want to share a bit about my vision for what's next.

This year, we're starting to take steps towards offering new services that will better support creators throughout the whole journey—from building your audience, through the life of your project, to fulfilling pledges after your campaign succeeds. I want to bring all of you along with the work we're doing, so I'm excited to tell you about some things we're in the process of developing.

First, we know one of the biggest challenges for creators is bringing new audiences to your campaign. Kickstarter wants to support creators with tools to help them reach as many potential backers as they can. We already took some steps in this direction last year with the introduction of Meta Pixel and Google Analytics 4, and improvements to custom referral tags.

Now I'm excited to share that we're embarking on a new partnership with Jellop to offer full service digital advertising. We'll start things off with a subset of interested creators, and then expand over time. Jellop has been supporting Kickstarter projects for over eight years, helping more than 3,000 creators raise over a billion dollars. We want to support you through the whole process of running your digital marketing campaigns and this is the first important step in that direction.

Second, we hear from creators all the time about what a challenge fulfillment can be. Making fulfillment easier and less stressful is one of Kickstarter's top priorities this year. We want to ensure that creators have the tools they need to successfully deliver rewards. Last year, we partnered with Easyship to make shipping your rewards easier, less expensive, and more streamlined.

To take things to the next level, we're now working with a small group of creators as part of a closed beta with PledgeManager by Kicktraq to test a set of tools and support services that help you manage your pledges, taxes, and shipping after your campaign funds. PledgeManager by Kicktraq has had the full suite of pledge management tools for years and our partnership is bringing new capabilities to their platform that will make it the best experience for creators and backers. I'm excited about the first creators who will be working with us on this. They'll be providing critical feedback so we can develop ways to offer similar tools and services to more creators in the future.

This work is a major focus for me, so I wanted to give you a sense of what our roadmap looks like. I'm really excited to start offering these new features and I'm looking forward to giving you all a look at what we're doing along the way. As we keep driving forward to deliver these new features, please follow along with our progress by subscribing to our creator newsletter below.

I'll see you back here next time.

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